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FAQ Preguntas Frecuentes

  • — How to choose the right helmet
  • — Is a helmet which has suffered an accident still safe?
  • — How should I clean my helmet?
  • — Is it true that MotoGP racers wear the same helmets I can buy?

To ensure maximum safety, the helmet should fit perfectly and feel comfortable. This means that it should not be either too tight, because it would be impossible to wear it for long periods of time, or too large, because it would not provide enough protection in the case of impact, or it could slip to the side or off your head while driving.

Modern helmets are designed to withstand maximum impact through their destruction. Even a small impact can affect the integrity of a helmet and sometimes damage is caused that is not visible to the naked eye except to that of an expert. However, not even a very thorough visual inspection can confirm that the helmet will withstand another impact and remain fully effective. For this reason helmets that have been involved in even seemingly minor accidents must no longer be considered safe and must be replaced.

The interior removable parts may be washed in warm water and appropriate mild soap. But also helmets with a fixed interior may be cleaned. Use a moist sponge also with lukewarm and soap. After cleaning remove the soap with a clean, moist sponge. Let the helmet dry upside down to allow the remaining water to escape through the ventilation holes. 

Let dry in room temperature, never near stoves or other heating appliances as a too high temperature will damage the inner liner material.

Yes. Every LS2 helmet is made to the same standard. In fact, LS2 racing pilots wear the exact same LS2 helmet you can buy. All LS2 helmets are made the same, whether for a world champion or a street or dirt rider.

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