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The LS2 warranty is valid from 2-5* years from the date of purchase.

*Products with a 5-year warranty: FF399 VALIANT, FF900 VALIANT II, FF313 VORTEX, MX471 XTRA, MX700/470 SUBVERTER, FF327 CHALLENGER, FF805 THUNDER, MX701 EXPLORER, MX703 X-FORCE, FF901 ADVANT X and FF906 ADVANT. Please note, helmets with a 5-year warranty, must be registered to activate the extended warranty.


LS2 cannot be held liable regarding the product in the following circumstances:

  • Any damage caused by accidents.
  • Any scratches, abrasions, deterioration, detaching of paint or other damages caused to the helmet visor or to the external painted parts of it by accidental impacts.
  • Any damage caused by incorrect/improper use, lack of maintenance/care, correct wear of internal and external elements.
  • Any modification made by the user or by third parties.
  • Any damage caused by use of/contact with harmful chemical products or an intense heat source.
  • Any damage caused by the application of stickers/adhesives.
  • Any damage caused by any type of painting/lacquering applied in the external shell by the user or by third parties.
  • Any damage caused by use of incompatible accessories sold by other company.
  • Any use of assembly of unauthorized accessories.

If during the 2–5-year warranty period there is any problem covered by the warranty, LS2 undertakes to repair or replace any defective components, up to a maximum value limit which is the purchase value of the helmet.

In all cases, the maximum warranty period is 5-years. Replacement of a component during this period does not prolong this period.


The customer must fill out all the fields of the warranty card with truthful data and send it to LS2 when purchasing the helmet. All warranty claims must be made through the LS2 dealer who sold the helmet.

The purchaser must notify the dealer if there is any problem with the helmet along with the subject of the claim and return it together with the warranty card filled out when the helmet was purchased. This warranty does not affect in any way the statutory rights of the purchaser as stipulated by directive 1999/44CE

We recommend you replace your helmet for a new one after a period of 5 years from the date of purchase, to protect your health from certain external factors that could be prejudicial to the safety characteristics of this essential piece of protective equipment.

Complete the LS2 warranty up to 5 years by registering your helmet in the following form.

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Helmet Information

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